Well, it’s starting to happen again!  Here are our previous posts on the contentious matter of the proposed Zephyrus apartments. 

In essence:

  • This area could have been used for the new hospital – and it still could. The land is in States’ ownership… and would be a far better use for Islanders than the proposed expensive to buy luxury apartments
  • The area below is very contaminated… will there be checks and balances on how this is seen to? (Not all measures were adhered to at the Esplanade.) Will we be given the true data by the SoJDC? (We weren’t with regard the Esplanade quarter.) How much will it cost? Can DfI actually manage to take the waste at La Collette?

There will be more to report on – watch this space.

Jersey’s Toxic Waterfront – December 2012

A detailed map produced by independent consultants WRc Environmental Management in 1995 showing the extent of the contamination on the Waterfront.

Above left: Our current outdated General Hospital. Above right: how one wing of a new General Hospital may look.

Hospital: http://sosjersey.co.uk/a-new-general-hospital-on-the-waterfront-february-2013/



Waterfront & Zephyrus update
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