SOS Jersey are about to submit a major body of work as part of a submission invited by the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel on Water Quality. This will be our 4th Scrutiny submission to date:

Sea lettuce in St Aubin's Bay, Jersey - SOS Jersey
Sea lettuce in St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey – SOS Jersey

— Two submissions were accepted

— We gave evidence on three which the Panel followed up…
…but they were eventually ‘blocked’ – we understand these were for legal reasons.
Our third submission (on the handling of the contaminated ash and asbestos which forms 25% of the fill below the the International Finance Centre) was not taken up as the panel didn’t have enough time allocated.
++ We hope that they will view our next submission with the attention that the subject deserves and appreciate the years of work that we have put into it.++
Look out for our full report after the New Year, and please contact your Deputies and ask them to lobby for our shoreline.
Water quality review coming soon
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