SOSJ have for some time had concerns about emissions from the Jersey Electricity Company chimney, first discussed in our January 2012 edition. An undertaking made to SOS at a Ramsar Authority Meeting in 2010 by the current Environment Minister, Rob Duhamel in 2010 (then self appointed Chairman of the RMA when Assistant Minister) that he would ensure that the JEC chimney would be regulated by the end of 2011, has not happened and we are now well into 2013.

SOS illustration of how the EfW flues link via external horizontal flues and share the Jersey Electricity Company chimney.
SOS illustration of how the EfW flues link via external horizontal flues and share the Jersey Electricity Company chimney.

SOSJ members recently met with the Head of Waste Regulation, Environmental Protection, David Monks, to discuss this and other matters. We have also been in communication with Chris Bester, Environmental Health and Safety Environment Engineer at the JEC, who has promised to issue a statement addressing our concerns. Emissions from six of the eight flues used by the JEC in their chimney are unregulated whereas the emissions from the other two flues used by the incinerator in the same chimney are strictly regulated. This situation is highly unusual, possibly unique in Western Europe.

The ‘real time’ on line emission data from the EfW flues were supposed to be ready a year ago but as yet are not available. We feel that the JEC also need to publish emissions data on their website. Although the emissions from their 6 flues are petro chemical in nature, and do not contain heavy metals, they can be harmful to human health. They are often seen to drop over St. Helier especially at times of temperature inversion. There is also concern about the possible ‘cocktail effect’ of the two sets of emissions mixing when released adjacently and we have raised concerns but as yet have had no confirmation as to whether any studies have been conducted into this area.

SOSJ have requested that this item be one of several put on the agenda of the next Ramsar Management Authority meeting, scheduled for 23rd April.

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The Jersey Electricity Chimney conundrum – May 2013
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