This week SOS Jersey has been sent several photos by members of the public recording the beginning of the work on the Esplanade car park. Yesterday we received calls that clouds of dust was blowing across the Esplanade from the site in the strong westerly wind.

asbestos in dust - advisory warning - july 2015 - sos jersey


Environment said that it was ‘only topsoil’ that was being blown off the pile. We visited and noted that a trial pit has been dug and that all workers were wearing protective suits, face masks and air filters.

We are sure that this is precautionary at present but would suggest that if you are worried and work live or visit the Esplanade, it would seem sensible to take your own precautions.

The workers on site were protected but the public walking past a few yards away were not.

We suggest not walking past the site if there is more than a light breeze, and that if you work in an office or live nearby you shut your windows if the wind is in your direction. If you drive past we suggest you keep your windows closed.

We immediately alerted Lee Henry (MD of the SoJDC) who did not reply, but we believe he investigated. We also alerted the States who came back to us immediately and went down to have a look shortly afterwards.


If you have any reports/concerns, the hotline number to call is 01534 445808 – click to call; this is for Environmental Health which deals with complaints and concerns about air quality (dust) and noise.

For complaints and concerns about water run-off and pollution issues, you can call the Environmental Protection hotline on 01534 709535 – click to call.

TTS confirmed to SOSJ members at a meeting only last year that they believe that the entire site is contaminated and all excavated fill must go into sealed pits at La Collette. SoJDC disagree and say that they can separate out the contaminated material. This of course has both health and financial implications. Has the cost of burying the huge volumes of material been factored in by SoJDC? Each pit can cost up to £1million.

But more pressing is the price of our public health. If asbestos is buried here as well as toxic Bellozanne incinerator ash (and many people believe or report that asbestos was dumped here in the late 80s) just one stray fibre of asbestos, if airborne and ingested, could cause death many years later.

Our ‘IFC cam’ will keep you up to date.

The International Finance Centre – an advisory warning

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