Threats to Jersey’s marine environment – 10 year study

SOS Jersey 10 year study on threats to our marine environment - a report - cover

‘The Threats to Our Marine Environment – a Ten-Year Study by SOS Jersey, Demonstrating the Urgent Need for Independent Environmental Regulation.’ The 30-page, fully illustrated report includes results of the SOSJ ’10 Year Snapshot in Time’ shellfish study’  2009 –

Esplanade ash contamination 4x higher than Minister claimed

Four times more ash contamination than expected on The Esplanade development site in Jersey

(Please Share) Tonight’s JEP carries an article encapsulating our recent posts here and their own enquiries from various States Departments. Last Month, on 15th July, Treasury Minister Senator Alan Maclean assured the States that there would be vey little contamination. However…

Old asbestos containers – Jersey’s number one health hazard

THE RUSTY OLD ASBESTOS CONTAINERS – ‘JERSEY’S NO 1 HEALTH RISK’ (Deputy Kevin Lewis, last Minister TTS) After years of inaction, then three years of stalemate between the Planning and Environment and TTS departments, ‘Jersey’s No 1 Health risk’ –

The asbestos stockpile ‘Jersey’s Number One Health Risk’ – April 2013

The asbestos stockpile ‘Jersey’s Number One Health Risk’  – April 2013

A year ago SOSJ started the process of ‘stocktaking’ hazardous substances that were being stockpiled at La Collette. These included the APCr toxic incinerator ash and the growing number of rotting shipping containers filled with asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials.

Jersey’s toxic waste mountain – September 2012

Jersey’s toxic waste mountain – September 2012

A critical problem at La Collette: 217 containers full of dangerous asbestos waste pile up at La Collette: A year’s worth of highly toxic APCr incinerator ash is already stockpiled. SOSJ believe that no toxic waste should be buried at