Today SOSJ committee members Dave Cabeldu and Jacqui Carrel attended the first of three briefings the States of Jersey are holding about building a longer-term Island Vision.

Save Our Shoreline Jersey attend Island Vision briefing - March 2016
Save Our Shoreline Jersey attend Island Vision briefing – March 2016

The purpose of the briefing was to introduce a new long term planning framework and to ask interested parties to join the conversation about our Island’s future.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst introduced the proceedings, explaining why we need this plan (we do!) and Dr Ian Skinner, Assistant Director, Strategic Planning & Performance of the Chief Minister’s Department ably presented an outline of the plan. Of course, the content was a bit simplistic because of the time constraints, but we all got the idea.
During the questions/comments after the presentation, SOSJ expressed some cynicism because, as our loyal followers know, much of the information we give to the States and other bodies gets swept under various carpets. Sen Gorst took the time to stand up and answer that concern in a polite and helpful manner and was available to speak with after the event. 
Say what you will about the States of Jersey (and we certainly do, and a lot), it says something that we are able to talk face to face with the Chief Minister without having to go through a bevy of department and guards. While we are not holding our breath about anything, we were surprised and pleased with today’s polite acknowledgments.
The States wants to make a long-term plan around Environment, Community & Economy and will be drawing in the input of a wide range of parties as well as States members and civil servants.
They said, ‘Ultimately, the shared vision that will emerge from this process will help guide key decisions on economic, social and environmental issues that will shape every Jersey resident’s quality of life.’
Phase 1: Awareness (such as the briefing we attended today) (March)
P2: Consultation (July)
P3: Deliberation (Aug)
Draft vision (December)
P4: Checking back (Jan 2017)
‘Vision Jersey’ (April 2016)
SOSJ attend Island Vision briefing
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