Jersey is a beautiful island and still largely unspoiled, but successive administrations have paid scant regard to the environment. For example:

We face an annual scourge of sea lettuce

We have ended up burying our asbestos problem (but watch here for developments!)

Inappropriate (in many ways) developments are taking place

The disposal of toxic waste into landfill has been endorsed

Our waterfront has been developed so badly that it has become an embarrassment

…And there’s more.

Our aim is that Save Our Shoreline Jersey becomes redundant and we are able to be re-named as Savour Our Shoreline Jersey. Sadly, this won’t be happening just yet.

SOSJ have worked tirelessly for over 25 years to highlight bad environmental practice and works to protect our shoreline from pollution and bad planning issues. Now we have come partly ‘inland’ as development has eaten up large areas of what was precious foreshore and financial interests override sensible environmental decisions.

On this website, you will find current and archived articles, news reports and details of our campaigns, past and present, plus unique images that can be found nowhere else. If you would like to donate, sponsor or help in other ways, please check our Ways to Help page.

SOS Jersey ~ Helping Protect Jersey’s Shoreline
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