Aerial view of the huge landslide by Cheval Roc Nursing and Residential Home at Bonne Nuit. The Jersey Evening Post report the fall was ‘metres away’ from Cheval Roc, but that is not what this picture, taken by aerial photographer Chris Brookes, suggests.

The fall happened earlier this week after the Island was hit by continuous heavy rain, huge waves and 75+ mph winds. Engineers have pronounced Cheval Roc structurally safe and its offiical opening this coming week will go ahead.

Because the land is privately owned, Infrastructure (formerly TTS) are taking no further action… and neither do they plan to carry out any further investigations along the coastline.

If you spot any potential falls, actual falls and anything else of concern/interest around our coastline, please let Infrastructure know (if it’s of concern), and also send pictures (where possible) and comments/reports to Save Our Shoreline Jersey so that we can build records, and act if necessary. Many thanks.

You can see more of Chris Brooks aerial photos here:

Chris Brookes - Rock fall at Bonne Nuit by Cheval Roc - March 2016
Chris Brookes – Rock fall at Bonne Nuit by Cheval Roc – March 2016


Rock Fall on North Coast

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