SOS Jersey are moderately pleased to report that the pile of contaminated soil at the IFC was at least (mostly) covered today. We wonder why, however, the joins of the plastic were flapping and why part of the pile was not covered and nor, at least when we were there, was it not being dampened?

We still ask how is it that the SoJDC have been able to get away with such appalling practice? We also ask how much this is costing the public of Jersey? Remember, the States agreed for buildings to initially go ahead on the premise that the ground was only contaminated by a few percent, and our (correct) protestations it was closer to 20% were dismissed.

Partly covered contaminated soil at the IFC site.
Partly covered contaminated soil at the IFC site.

Here is the pile last week which, despite assurances it was being kept damped down, did not convince us good practice was taking place. What cost these short cuts?

Contaminated soil pile - uncovered - on SoJDC site - March 2017 - SOS Jersey
Contaminated, uncovered, soil pile on SoJDC site, March 2017. Pic by St Helier Waterfront Action Group
Abestos warning notice in SoJDCs IFC site
Abestos warning notice in SoJDC’s IFC site

Other, non-environmental but associated, concerns are addressed by the St Helier Waterfront Action Group.






IFC-SoJDC Asbestos update
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