SOS Jersey

financeheader700The Aims of SOS Jersey are  to:

  • Protect the coast of Jersey from further reclamation, pollution and  inappropriate development by means of:
  • Providing a ‘watchdog’ service with regard to possible pollution / leaching from reclamation sites
  • Monitoring the management of  Jersey’s Internationally accredited Ramsar Wetland Sites   ensuring that they continue to be properly managed
  • Monitoring  planning applications relating to coastal development
  • Working together with governmental authorities with a view to ensuring all information relative to the public interest is communicated openly and not selectively
  • Meeting with stakeholders, and other interested parties, especially States Departments
  • Maintaining an interactive website containing reports and news items accessible to the general public
  • Lobbying States Members and others where necessary
  • Working with schools and universities
  • Promoting awareness of the abundance and importance of marine species found in Jersey’s intertidal zones, especially on the south east coast
    SOSJ will
  • Endeavour to seek out, and wherever possible confirm the facts and truth pertaining to the each of the issues it takes on, eschewing political and public service ‘spin’ and ensuring that the public receive all the relevant factual data on such issues; this will, however, not preclude investigation and, if appropriate, exposure of abuses of the law or governmental procedures, processes or systems should they be encountered in attempting to achieve its aims.
  • Act with integrity at all times

It’s sad we have even have to have an SOS Jersey, but politics and economics being what they are, our group and remit are necessary – we hope you will be able to support us by sharing our message – click here for some ways you can help SOS Jersey.

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