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Our aim is that Save Our Shoreline Jersey becomes redundant and we are able to be re-named as Savour Our Shoreline Jersey. Jersey is a beautiful island and still largely unspoiled, but successive administrations have paid scant regard to the environment and have endorsed the disposal of toxic waste into landfill. Our waterfront has been developed so badly that it has become an embarrassment.

SOSJ have worked tirelessly for 23 years to highlight bad environmental practice and works to protect our shoreline from pollution and bad planning issues. Now we have come ‘inland’ as development has eaten up large areas of what was precious foreshore and financial interests override sensible environmental decisions.

On this website, you will find current and archived articles, news reports and details of our campaigns, past and present, plus unique images that can be found nowhere else. If you would like to donate, sponsor or help in other ways, please check our Ways to Help page.

Slider pictures:

Pic 1. La Collette as viewed from the east at sunset. The JEC chimney is seen alongside the Energy from Waste Plant.  Both plants put out huge amounts of heated biocide treated water into the Ramsar Area through a shared culvert. Photo by Debbie Podger.

Pic 2. Part of the foreshore at La Collette which has now been buried by landfill.

Pic 3. The asbestos containers at La Collette are stored on the headland in a hostile marine environment. The containers are old and rusting and close to the fuel farm. The Minister of TTS himself worries that should there be an explosion at the complex, asbestos particles could rain down over populated areas.

Pic 4. A section of the planned Finance District, which will mean that the pleasant and popular Esplanade car park would be destroyed and the hazardous land beneath excavated. Plans are passed to develop the first 2 of 6 finance buildings and excavate the car park. SOSJ are currently fighting to save as much as we can.

Pic 5. Sea Lettuce build up in August 2014 in St. Aubin’s  Bay. Caused by excessive amounts of nitrates in the sea water from treated sewage and run off from streams, this is an annual problem and made worse in warm weather. Photo by Lee Fernandes.

Sea lettuce in St Aubin's Bay, Jersey - SOS Jersey
Sea lettuce in St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey

Click here to download or print the REAL Sea Lettuce Conference report (Autumn 2017) – PDF opens in new tab/window. Feel free to share!

Click here for the rest of the sea lettuce materials.

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We also celebrate the good things that have happened and the amazing coastal scenery and intertidal areas – our south east coast and offshore reefs have been designated Ramsar Areas (Wetland Sites of International Importance) they are so special.

It is a shame that we have to have an SOS Jersey, but left alone our Government would continue to be reactive rather than proactive in the areas we work in. We are the only real Scrutiny organisation that exists in an administration which has no independent watchdog. Even the Ramsar Bureau in Switzerland have given up on Jersey!