CSSP hearing today on the Jersey International Finance Centre. This afternoon saw an hour and ten minutes filled with carefully worded question put by the CSSP panel chaired by Deputy John Le Fondré and his panel members, Deputies Simon Bree, Kevin Lewis and Constable Chris Taylor.

Most questions were skilfully parried by Senior Planning Officers, who fielded most of them for the Planning Minister, Deputy Steve Luce, who seemed a bit uncomfortable supporting his predecessor’s permissions.

Broken Promises over Esplanade Development, Jersey
Broken Promises over Esplanade Development, Jersey

It is thought by the several States Members who have contacted us, that the CM and the former Treasury Minister put pressure on his predecessor to comply. So we are all now paying for a fragmented, unworkable, and therefore useless masterplan.

Several points emerged, one being an answer to something that we believe is the case and is denied by the JDC (as reported in the JEP tonight). What is the definition of ‘beginning development’ ?? When clearance work begins on site we thought? and so the Officers agreed today. This answer followed some well put questions from Panel Vice Chairman Deputy Simon Bree.

So what can they do? They have started an enquiry following your witness reports and complaints we sent on behalf of the many of you which contacted, is. They can only really issue a Breach of Condition Notice to the JDC and I suspect that is what will happen. The point really is that the JDC must not think that because it is supported by the COM (well not all, if they are honest) that it can railroad through planning laws and ignore the public on this most sensitive development.

But the Chief Minister must surely now issue a statement? His promise has been broken by a Government funded Quango and this is now confirmed by the Palling Department as being the case. Where does he stand? Has his integrity been damaged by the actions of the JDC?

Other more intricate details emerged regarding the history and shifting nature of the many ‘phasing’ changes that have taken place and whether or not the current plans were agreed by the States – (not is the unavoidable answer). This afternoon’s session could really have been sub titled ‘ 50 Shades of Phasing’.

A full report will no doubt be in Monday’s JEP.

Hearing today on International Finance Centre

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