Esplanade Car Park Update. Great news – the SOSJ team survey was successful, collecting over 220+ objections in 24 hours. Why so many? That’s because people hadn’t known beforehand… Read on and please share.

If you wish to send in an objection, although the 21 days period expires today, the Principal Planning officer has indicated that he is willing to receive further submission before the Planning Minister makes his decision.

How to place your objection in 5 minutes

220+ planning objections in 24 hours!
220+ planning objections in 24 hours!

SOS Jersey would like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers for turning out at dawn on Monday morning to conduct a ‘snap survey’ of the opinions of Esplanade car park users on the States of Jersey Development Company’s hurriedly revised phasing plans.

The take up rate was over 95% and the overwhelming majority of commuters (all but 3) were against the new plans. There had been no consultation with them at all.

Over 220 individual Planning objections have been collected, signed, and sent in yesterday and today to the Planning department and have been uploaded in batches onto their website. More are on their way today. The full SOSJ objection will be sent in by tomorrow.

We also wrote to over 400 residents in Castle Quay and Harbour Reach who will be affected by the diverted traffic, and to make them aware of the new and recently changed phasing plans which will cause commuter misery and traffic chaos at peak times for years to come.


Objections to esplanade wrongly shown as petition!
Objections to esplanade wrongly shown as petition!

The point of collecting individual objection rather than the easier option of asking people to sign a petition was that petitions are usually ignored. Individual objections should not be.

However, the Planning Department has, despite our pointing this out, marked the batches on their website as ‘SOS Jersey Petition’. We will be pursuing this with the Planning Minister shortly.

Thank you

Thank you to the following SOSJ volunteers:

  • Julie Pearce
  • Madalin Spataru
  • Roseanne Mitchell
  • Dave Crocker

In due course they will be in receipt of the SOSJ ‘Who Cares, Wins’ Award!

More news as we have it!

How to place your objection in 5 minutes.


Esplanade News – 220+ planning objections in 24 hours!
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One thought on “Esplanade News – 220+ planning objections in 24 hours!

  • February 9, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    I’m astounded that there might be more parking spaces lost. I enjoy parking on the esplanade and seeing the greenery,birds and rabbits early in the morning lifts my spirits and having a little bit of wilderness in the heart of St Heliet is something I don’t want to change.


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