With next month’s elections looming, we’re interviewing as many of the candidates as possible on areas of concern both in terms of candidates’ respective parishes and SOS Jersey’s concerns.

We will endeavour to speak to candidates and, where we cannot, we’ll send a small set of questions (see below for the questions) and ask them to complete them and add any comments they wish.

Not everyone has answered, but here are the ones so far; this list will be updated as soon as each report is written and links are shown in reverse order:

Russell Labey | Chris Lamy | Murray NortonGuy de Faye | Sean PowerPeter McLinton | Sam Mézec | Darius Pearce | Malcolm Ferey

Here are the questions candidates were sent:

The Esplanade Car Park

The existing car park is popular with residents and tourists, with its mature trees and shrubs and deep flower beds. Even more importantly it is an important wildlife area and a green corridor for migratory birds to rest. There are plans to excavate the car park and to build six office blocks on it.

1. Do you wish to preserve the Esplanade car park?

2. Do you wish to see it developed for office blocks?

3. Do you think we need more new offices?

4. Do you realise the area is built on toxic deposits?

States of Jersey Development Company (SoJDC)

If you need more information, you can find out more about the SoJDC at http://www.jerseydevelopment.je/about-us.aspx.

Currently their accounts are not transparent and are ‘firewalled’ via a single vote held by the Treasury Minister. We believe that instead its summarised budget, medium and long term profit and loss accounts and balance sheets should be placed before, and agreed by, the States Assembly.

5. Do you believe the accounts should be made more transparent?

6. Do you wish to leave things as they are?

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add on the subject?

You and the Island

You may know parts of our coastline has been designated Ramsar Areas. Currently, the public is not overly-aware of this status. When elected:

8. What will you do to further the protection of our marine environment, and promote the Ramsar Areas that Jersey are proud to have?

9. Are you concerned at the ever denser (and often inappropriate) development that has been taking over our coastal areas?

10. If so, what do you think can be done and what would you do to help?

11. Would you be happy to take questions to the States on behalf of our organisation and if necessary take Private Member’s propositions relating to any serious concerns we may have?

And lastly

12. Have you anything else that you would like to add?

Election Special 2014 – what it is

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