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Remember, you’ll receive an ebook version of ‘The Fishing Cats of Fort d’Auvergne’ with any donation you make. You should receive a copy of your book within a few hours. (Please make the request when you donate.)

How to donate to SOS Jersey

To make a donation to our  testing programme,  you can

Donate via PayPal:

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Donate online into our bank account

To make online payments into our bank account, please send to (reference SOS Jersey) Nat West Bank, Bath Street, account no:  27106926,  sort code 60-12-03

Donate by cheque

Please make cheques out to Save Our Shoreline Jersey,  and send to SOS Jersey, 8 Le Clos de Maitland, La Rue du Presbytere, St. Clement,  JE2 6RA.

Become a sponsor

We are also seeking sponsors – in return we’ll make sure people know about it! Please contact us for details.

Other ways to help SOS Jersey

  • Help spread the word – share on social media, write to the JEP, etc
  • Help us lobby
  • Let us know if you want to help in any capacity (such as doing some sampling or collecting data from your local beach)