Increasing population and environmental effects

Sea lettuce in St Aubin's Bay, Jersey - SOS Jersey

The official population of Jersey is now 104,200 – and we don’t know how many are here unofficially. This, of course, has an effect on our environment. In terms of our SOSJ remit, we’ll briefly outline our concerns as to

Sea lettuce worries mainly sidestepped by Eddie Noel but new study ordered

Today saw an oral question from Senator Sarah Ferguson (plus supplementaries from Deputies Andrew Lewis and Monford Tadier) on the levels of nitrates being discharged from the Bellozanne sewage effluent outflow into St Aubin’s Bay and the legality of the levels.

Jersey’s toxic waste mountain – September 2012

Jersey’s toxic waste mountain – September 2012

A critical problem at La Collette: 217 containers full of dangerous asbestos waste pile up at La Collette: A year’s worth of highly toxic APCr incinerator ash is already stockpiled. SOSJ believe that no toxic waste should be buried at