SOS Jersey are a party to the Third Party Appeal by Le Masuriers to be held tomorrow and Tuesday (21 and 22 March 2016) at the Radisson Hotel. This is open to the public, so you can come and watch the proceedings (but not comment).

Click here for a copy of the schedule for  – this is the draft one, but is accurate enough: ESPLANADE 5 APPEAL – DRAFT HEARING PROGRAMME AGENDA to parties.

The thrust of our case in the 3rd Party Appeal will be much wider than just that of Building 5 (and the associated infractions), and will encompass waterfront issues that go beyond contamination and deal with  wider waterfront issues including planning processes, the Island Plan, the Masterplan for the waterfront and the history of the site.

SOS Jersey Chairman, Michael du Pré, is flying over to represent us last the appeal.

SoJDC are likely to ignore the outcome of the appeal should it not find in their favour. SOS Jersey are considering requesting a Judicial Review of the Panel’s decision through the Royal Court, on the grounds of the public good.

Building 5 appeal starts 21st March 2016
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